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LoveCry Has Grown!!!
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LoveCry Has Grown!!!
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LoveCry has Grown in the past twenty years.

Thank you to all of our supporters.

We have helped many get off the streets and stay off the streets.  No one that stayed at LoveCry or worked for LoveCry is presently on the streets. They all have good lives and we are in contact always.


We have also helped stop many from ever getting to the streets. Many kids came to us in despair fearing being thrown out into the streets. We at LoveCry worked with them and found solutions. These kids never fell.

We will continue to do these things and make sure that all the LoveCry kids stay on their feet and many more will get on their feet.



LoveCry's Registered Charitable Business Tax

# 892528365RR0001

My Experience At LoveCry          

When I started visiting LoveCry, in the summer of 2005. I was introduced to Angel through my ex-girlfriend. Now, at first I heard some seriously shitty gossip about Angel and LoveCry, about how she was stealing the street-kids money they panhandled every day. Social Assistance had also been listening to gossip, because when I went to them for help and had told them I had stumbled upon LoveCry which has been helping me ever since. They had informed me that she will just take my money, and use and control me, and that for my own well-being I should disassociate myself from LoveCry.

This ignorant gossip roamed in my head, and I started to paint a very disgusting picture of LoveCry and Angel, but I had still chosen to be around so that I could know for sure what's going on. As I saw, Angel was NOT using anybody – they had all volunteered to help LoveCry and each other, because LoveCry was basically a Family. As far as the money stealing part, I had never seen it happen and any money that was panhandled was agreed upon beforehand whether it was personal or to help fund the non-profit organization. I've also spoken to many hundreds of street-kids that lived at and have visited LoveCry in the past and they say that Angel has never done any of this. They say that she has done nothing but help them, and poor her heart out for them even though they treated her like dirt throughout their own disciplining issues. And the most important reason they come back to visit, is because Angel is the only person they know that Truly forgives them and appreciates the changes they've made inside themselves to be better human beings. Before the money was even acquired, the street-kids themselves would agree that the money was to help. I never once saw it necessary to disassociate myself for my own well-being, Angel had always been open-minded towards everyone no matter what issue they would storm in and drop on the table.


It was like, no matter what, if you had a problem you could count on Angel and everyone at LoveCry to help you through it with support and proper, non-judgmental, unconditional love. The environment felt very safe and comfortable, as though you could speak about the deepest darkest secrets of hate that you've been hanging on to for so long, because of fear of being condemned. Angel had always stressed honesty, forgiveness, and patience. Whenever I'd have a serious issue that just overwhelmed me, she had done her best to teach me the art of Zen. So that I could reclaim peace of mind in order to deal with the problem at hand.


Openly, Angel and all the staff at LoveCry had practiced Yoga on a daily basis. I was petrified at first, and thought Yoga's for girls and weak people (due to my own up-bringing). But, I opened my mind to the idea after a couple months, and tried it out with them. I realized that Yoga was probably the best thing for me, because it was very rare that I could be relaxed in my life. I had never been relaxed positively, it was always a depressed lethargy that I was considering relaxed. Boy was I wrong. Now, it's been 2 years of practicing yoga, and I can plainly see the benefits and how much better I feel about life, myself, and God.


Angel, without any payment, has taken on the roll of a mentor for all of us. She has been teaching all of us, who visit LoveCry daily, how to discipline our greed, jealousy, anger, resentment, fear, and hate. She has also been teaching us, how to love ourselves for who we are, good-bad-and-indifferent. Angel has also taught meditation to all of us, so that we can better ground ourselves within our connection to God.Sincerly,Carl George


We have a board of directors:

Nesha Mohomed   Manager of Money Mart

Jesse Wilson   Child Psychologist,

Anthony Dipasquale   Nutritionist, Trainer and body building,

 Victor Fletcher   Editor and owner of The Toronto Street News

 Dee Nicholson  CEO National Health Freedom, Canada

Tisa Kats   Manager of Corp and Psychologist,

 Lisa Aaron   Accountant and Realtor,

Angel Femia-Richmond CEO of LoveCry, Life Coach, Child and Adult Psychologist, Paralegal and Spiritual Counselor

as well we have many therapists, trainers, life coaches and counselors, all well educated working for LoveCry

This is where all the money went


Take care


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