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Spiritual Healings

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Helen Healer

Helen Demetriou is a Cyprus based qualified Metaphysical and Complimentary Therapist, Angel Lightworker and the founder of AngelCraft Healing Therapy.
Helen uses a combination of science and art to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, having a close connection and relationship with the Angels, Archangels, Saints and Ascended masters. With their guidance and energy she is able to alleviate pain and stress and soothe emotional imbalances.
Helen studied Beauty and Massage Therapy at college, and it was when clients favoured her to give them massages that she realized that she was channeling energy and relieving symptoms of pain at the same time.
A naturally born healer, intuitive, medium and clairvoyant, Helen saw and communicated with angels and spirits as a child, and in her adulthood she embarked on studies to strengthen her abilities in order to offer her unique and loving style of serving the light in others.
One of her jobs here on our wonderful planet is to be an Earth Guide to fellow Lightworkers by expertly guiding them in their awakening and shining a light onto their path.
Helen is the founder of LightCraft Healing Systems
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