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Wayne Harvey's Poems

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Bulling is so prominent!!!
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I write poems for troubles that are an everyday experience,

 Bulling is so prominent!!!


Trying to be Beautiful


Hey its time for school,

I'm sick I can;t

You were OK last night,

Sorry Mom its not a rant,


He calls me cross eyed,

And its really mean

He shouldn't say that,

I'm a human being,


Why didn't you tell me,

Why they don't understand,

Were picked on everyday,

We always needed a hand,


We feel so belittled,

We now have a complex,

Were looking for help,

Just to be treated like the next,


Their Bullies Mom,

What else can we say,

We always ask for help,

And sometimes we pray,


Just look around you,

And see how were treated,

Then maybe it'll change

And you'll be there when your needed,


Bobby has left us now,

He has gone away,

It shouldn't have happened,

We wanted him to stay,


He dropped from a chair,

It was easier for him,

It shouldn't of happened,

His life was so grim,


So all of you's ,

Please listen to us,

We want to live to,

Being beautiful is a must


Its really so common,

And were not ugly,

Were rather nice,

So why don't you love me,


All we can say,

Is look beside you,

Because in your presence,

You see them treating us uncool,


Its our last cry,

Please were human,

Don't get caught up,

In a life that's so consuming ,


Wayne Harvey



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