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Question to pose to federal election candidates at upcoming all candidates meetings across Canada, concerning Canada's complicity in genocide:


On March 24, Prime Minister Steven Harper was issued a Public Summons by an International Tribunal in London, England to answer charges of concealing the murder of children in Canada's Indian residential schools. Considering that Canada's so-called Truth and Reconciliation Commission has no mandate to bring criminal charges against the government and churches responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of these children, will you support an international investigation into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools - and if not, why not?


Please film or record the candidates' responses to this question and forward them to me, and announce the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and our websites at the meetings.


And please share this youtube link to my delivery of the ITCCS Summons to PM Harper on March 24:



Kevin Annett

McGinty Promises Education For Our War Vets

but what about proper help for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder many them come home with, are left to live with, end up on the streets or in some place jailed for being sick.

We who have suffered with P.T.S.D. know that education is impossible until we have had some proper help getting our heads working well enough to learn and grow again.

P.T.S.T. blocks many of our learning abilities, decreases our ability to sleep without nightmares that chill our bones and all else, Leaving us unable to make decisions, eat properly, if at all, have any kind of decent relationship with ourselves or anyone else, keep us in excruciating pain from the constant re-living, in our minds, the Traumatic incidences.

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