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Happy Holidays
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Happy Holidays


LoveCry, The Street Kids' Organization


93 Broadview Ave.,

Toronto, On.,

M4M 2E4


Web Sites:



Phone and Fax:  416-406-0099


First we, The Staff and Kids’ at LoveCry would like to again thank you all for the great support, funds and products you have donated in the past Holiday Seasons.


It Is Holiday once again.


Once again LoveCry is putting together the Holiday Season for the Youth who frequent the LoveCry establishment.


Every Year we have a dinner, warmth, presents and love for the street kids that are for whatever reason unable to spend this time with their families. LoveCry keep the doors open for a two-week period for this purpose.


In order to keep our tradition alive LoveCry will be needing help with obtaining the following products and funds.


You are being asked to donate:  


Lists of Needs:


Food: Non-perishable food}

Clothing: {socks, t-shirts, underwear, jeans, shirts, jackets}

Toiletries: {tooth brushes, tooth paste, hair products, deodorant, hand soap, hand creams}

Beverages: {juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks}

Small gifts: {books, grooming supplies, jewellery, ball caps, gloves, scarfs, ect.}

Candies and treats: {chocolates and chocolate bars, cookies, candy canes, ect.}

Sleeping bags


Funds: {cash is always a need.}

Foods for Christmas Dinner

Paper Products: {small journals, pens, pencils, erasers, day planers, address books, art supplies}

And/Or anything else you can think of that would brighten up these kids time and help them to stay worm, clean, fed and clothed during the season and into the New Year.


This is our 20th Year in operation and we have grown a great deal. If at all possible we do need your help to make this Christmas happen.


Please Help us make this Holiday Special!


Our Charitable Registered Tax Number is: 892526365RR0001.






Angel, Nesha, Jesse or Mark:   416-406-0099


Once Again Thank you From Our Hearts


Angel D. Femia-Richmond


Director of LoveCry, The Street Kids’ Organization.

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